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The Second Coming of Gluttony

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Novel Summary

“The son of god Gula has returned.”

I was lost in the world of gambling.

I turned my back on my family and even betrayed my lover.

I wasted every day of my life.

It was a life of tr*sh.

The reality told me thus:

That I would amount to nothing no matter what I did.

In order to change my pathetic life, I chose fantasy, instead.

Even then, it was the same story.

I wondered if salvation would come at the end of the long road.

But, I was forced to kneel down in defeat in front of a powerful entity.

The tower I built up with my own hands crumbled into nothingness.

Just for once, I dearly wished to know the truth about myself.

“Come closer, my child…”

I will not hold back this time.

- Description from XiaNovel


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Status [Edit] : Complete
Author : Ro Yu-jin, 로유진
Country : Korean
Type : Web Novel
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
Weekly Rank : #5
Monthly Rank : #7
All Time Rank : #10
Tags [Edit] : Adapted to Manhwa, Alternate World, Beautiful Female Lead, Body Tempering, Caring Protagonist, Character Growth, Charismatic Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Dense Protagonist, Eye Powers, Fallen Angels, Family Conflict, Fantasy World, Friendship, Game Elements, Gate to Another World, Ghosts, Goddesses, Gods, Gore, Grinding, Guilds, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harsh Training, Kingdoms, Late Romance, Leadership, Level System, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Protagonist, Mercenaries, Modern Day, Monsters, Multiple POV, Naive Protagonist, Obsessive Love, Parallel Worlds, Parasites, Past Plays a Big Role, Personality Changes, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Precognition, Reverse R*pe, Romantic Subplot, Royalty, Schemes And Conspiracies, Second Chance, Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Virtues, Spear Wielder, Special Abilities, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Strong Love Interests, Survival Game, Sword And Magic, Teamwork, Time Skip, Transported to Another World, Wars, Weak to Strong, Yandere
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Glossary changes till next translation : 0/150

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